Student participants

Please click on the links to see the reports from the students of the 2019 program.


Name: Connor Bottrell Afilliation: University of Victoria Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Luc Simard & Sara Ellison Research Interests:
Galaxy interactions, morphologies and kinematics; machine learning .
Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Dezso Ribli Afilliation: Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Istvan Csabai Research Interests: Weak gravitational lensing; computer vision Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Claire Guilloteau Afilliation: IRAP, Université de Toulouse Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Olivier Berné, Nicolas Dobigeon, Thomas Oberlin Research Interests: Data fusion for high dimensional infrared astronomical imaging Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Kate Storey-Fisher Afilliation: NYU Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: David Hogg Research Interests: Large-scale structure from galaxy surveys, cosmological simulations Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Lorenzo Zanisi Afilliation: University of Southampton Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Francesco Shankar and Andrea Lapi Research Interests: Numerical modeling of galaxy formation and evolution, Medical applications of computational methods . Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Madeline Lucey Afilliation: UT Austin Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Keith Hawkins Research Interests:
Stellar spectroscopy and Galactic archaeology
Project Advisors:TBD
Name: Mike Walmsley Afilliation: Oxford University Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Chris Lintott Research Interests:
Crowdsourcing, human/machine collaboration, Active learning, Galaxy evolution
Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Sara Webb Afilliation: Swinburne University of Technology Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Jeff Cooke Research Interests: Time domain astronomy, flare stars, kilonoave, extra-galactic transients, machine learning for real time data analysis. Project Advisors:TBD
Name:Szymon Nakoneczny Afilliation: National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Agnieszka Pollo, Maciej Bilicki Research Interests: Data science in astronomy; Quasar detection in photometric surveys; Observational cosmology Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Paulo-Henrique Barchi Afilliation: Brandeis U., INPE-Brazil Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor: Marcelle Soares-Santos, Reinaldo Roberto Rosa, Reinaldo Ramos de Carvalho Research Interests: Machine/Deep Learning and Data Science applied to Astrophysics Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Ting-Yun Cheng. Afilliation: University of Nottingham Project Title:TBD
PhD Advisor: Christopher, J. Conselice and Alfonso Araǵon-Salamanca Research Interests: Galaxy morphology, galaxy evolution, machine learning, dark matter distribution, strong lensing Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Daniel Muthukrishna Afilliation: Cambridge University Project Title:TBD
PhD Advisor:Kaisey Mandel & Gautham Narayan Research Interests: Supernovae, transients, supernova cosmology, classification algorithms, neural networks Project Advisors: TBD
Name: Humna Awan Afilliation: Rutgers U. Project Title: TBD
PhD Advisor:Eric Gawiser Research Interests: Cosmology with large galaxy surveys Project Advisors:  TBD
Name: Emma Platts Afilliation: The University of Cape Town Project Title:TBD
PhD Advisor: Amanda Weltman and Jonathan Shock Research Interests: Constraining cosmological parameters, early universe and bounces, fast radio bursts Project Advisors:TBD