Student applications

Student applications for the 2017 Summer Program are due on February, 8th, 2017 (NOTE EXTENDED DEADLINE), and the letters are due by February 15th. Students will be notified of the results of the selection process around the end of February.

To apply to the program, please fill in the online form below, and upload a single 3-page PDF containing:

1. A 1-page (single-side) CV containing the following information:

    • Contact Information:
      • Name
      • Email address
      • Affiliation
    • PhD Information:
      • PhD title or topic
      • PhD advisor
      • Years since the beginning of PhD
    • Current publication list
    • The names and contact information for two letter writers, one of which must be the current PhD advisor of the student. The Summer Program director will contact these persons directly to get letters of reference, as soon as the student application has been received. Please apply as early as possible so your referees have time to write the letters.

2. A 1-page (single-side) statement describing your current research

3. A 1-page (single-side) statement of how participation in this program will benefit your current research and career prospects.


Online application form 


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Allowed file types: pdf.

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