2019: Machine learning in the era of large astronomical surveys

The 2019 Kavli Summer Program in Astrophysics will be hosted at UC Santa Cruz, from July 8 to Aug 16th 2019, on "Machine learning in the era of large astronomical surveys". The program will be directed by J. Xavier Prochaska, Alexie Leauthaud, and Brant Robertson.  

Congratulations to Sarah Rugheimer, 2016 Kavli postdoc

The inaugural Caroline Herschel Prize Lectureship winner is Dr Sarah RUGHEIMER, Simons Research Fellow at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews.  The selection committee's citation reads:

Dr Rugheimer is an outstanding early career researcher studying the atmospheric composition of exoplanets, and the potential of these atmospheres to provide fingerprints of conditions that can sustain life. Her key results include showing how clouds can complicate the detection of oxygen in an exoplanet’s atmosphere, and how a star’s ultraviolet radiation affects the ability to detect signatures of life on its orbiting planets. She will give her Caroline Herschel Prize Lecture on “Hues of Habitability – Characterising Pale Blue Dots around Other Stars” in or around November. Read more on this website.

Congratulations to Nestor Espinoza, 2016 Kavli Fellow

Former Kavli Fellow Nestor Espinoza (KSPA 2016) was awarded the 2018 Gruber Foundation fellowship for his work on ground-based detection of exoplanets and characterization of exoplanetary atmospheres. Read more on the IAU website.