Student participants

Please click on the links to see the reports from the students of the 2018 program.


Name: Rachel Cochrane Afilliation: University of Edinburgh Project Title: Predictions for the spatial extent of the dust continuum emission in 2 < z < 5 star-forming galaxies
PhD Advisor: Philip Best Research Interests:
Star-forming galaxies across cosmic time; galaxy clustering and halo occupation distribution modelling.
Project Advisors: Jenifer Lotz, Chris Hayward
Name: Corey Brummel-Smith Afilliation: Georgia Tech. Project Title: Nature of AGN Feedback: Testing Numerical Models with Chandra Observations
PhD Advisor: John Wise Research Interests: Supernova induced star formation. Galaxy formation. Magnetic fields Project Advisors: Yuan Li,Daisuke Nagai
Name: Xiaohan Wu Afilliation: CfA, Harvard Project Title: Simulated Properties of Reionization-Epoch Galaxies: Predictions for JWST
PhD Advisor: Lars Hernquist Research Interests: Radiative transfer and cosmic reionization, galaxy dynamics and Jeans modeling . Project Advisors: Romeel Dave,Jennifer Lotz
Name: Cassi Lochhass Afilliation: Ohio State U. Project Title: Properties of the Simulated Circumgalactic Medium
PhD Advisor: Todd Thompson Research Interests: Circumgalactic medium, galactic winds, star formation feedback. Project Advisors: Greg Bryan, Yuan Li, Miao Li
Name: Kartheik Iyer Afilliation: Rutgers Univ. Project Title: The diversity and variability of star formation histories in different simulations
PhD Advisor: Eric Gawiser Research Interests: Galaxy evolution, star formation. Project Advisors:Sandro Tacchella,Chris Hayward, Shy Genel and Lars Hernquist
Name: Daisy Leung Afilliation: Cornell University Project Title: Dynamical Properties of Molecular Cloud Complexes in a Redshift 6 Prototypical Galaxy at the Epoch of Reionization
PhD Advisor: Jim Cordes Research Interests:
Galaxy formation and evolution, ISM properties of high redshift galaxies, radio and sub-mm astronomy, gravitational lensing.
Project Advisors:Andrea Pallottini,Andrea Ferrara, Mordecai Mac Low
Name: Marius Ramsoy Afilliation: Oxford University Project Title:The formation of disks at low and high redshift
PhD Advisor: Julien Devriendt, Adrianne Slyz Research Interests:
Properties of cold flows into galaxies.
Project Advisors:Laura Sales,Susan Kassin, Shy Genel and Lars Hernquist
Name: Lydia Elias Afilliation: UC Riverside Project Title: Detecting the Cosmic Web: LyA Emission from Gas Filaments at z=3
PhD Advisor: Laura Sales Research Interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, stellar haloes, stellar and AGN feedback Project Advisors:Shy Genel,Adrienne Slyz, Julien Devriendt
Name:Aditi Viyajan Afilliation: Indian Institute of Science Project Title:Properties of outflowing gas in TIGRESS
PhD Advisor: Biman Nath, Prateek Sharma Research Interests: Galactic outflows. Hydrodynamic simulations . Project Advisors: Lucia Armillotta,Chang-Goo Kim, Eve Ostriker, Miao Li
Name: Tyler Parsotan Afilliation: Oregon State U. Project Title: Is Active Galactic Nuclei Feedback Necessary to Get Galaxy Sizes Right?
PhD Advisor: Davide Lazzati Research Interests: Radiation transfer modeling, hydrodynamic simulations, subgrid physics. Project Advisors: Chris Hayward, Daniel Angles-Alcazar
Name: Kareem El-Badry Afilliation: UC Berkeley Project Title: Conduction, cooling, and turbulent mixing in superbubbles driven by clustered supernovae
PhD Advisor: Eliot Quataert, Dan Weisz Research Interests: Low-mass galaxies, near-field cosmology, globular clusters, the Milky Way Project Advisors: Eve Ostriker,Chang-Goo Kim
Name: Claire Kopenhafer Afilliation: Michigan State University Project Title:Quenching From the Outside-In: Finding MISFIReD Analogues in Illustris
PhD Advisor: Brian O'Shea Research Interests: Modeling the circumgalatic medium, uncertainty quantification, exascale computing Project Advisors: Stephanie Tonnesen,Tjistke Starkenburg
Name: Ulrich Steinwandel Afilliation: Munich Observatory Project Title:Optical properties of the Resonant Drag Instabilities (RDIs)
PhD Advisor: Benjamin Moster Research Interests: Numerical galaxy formation and evolution, supernova feedback, galactic outflows, magnetic fields Project Advisors: Alexander Kaurov,Phil Hopkins
Name: Xinyu Li Afilliation: Columbia University Project Title:The emergence of large scale magnetic fields in disk galaxies
PhD Advisor: Lam Hui, Andrei Beloborodov Research Interests: Large-scale structure, fuzzy dark matter, magnetars, force-free electrodynamics . Project Advisors:Romain Teyssier,Julien Devriendt, Adrianne Slyz
Name:Darryl Seligman Afilliation:Yale University Project Title:Nonlinear Evolution of the Resonant Drag Instability in Magnetized Gas
PhD Advisor: Greg Laughlin Research Interests:Computational fluid dynamics, planet formation, accretion disks, asteroids Project Advisors:Phil Hopkins
Name:Josh Borrow Afilliation:Institute for Computational Cosmology Project Title:Where did it all come from? Inter-Lagrangian baryon transfer in the Simba simulations
PhD Advisor: Richard Bower Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, subgrid-scale modeling, HPC Project Advisors:Daniel Angles-Alcazar,Romeel Dave
Name:Gohar Dashyan Afilliation: IAS Paris Project Title:AGN-driven quenching of satellite galaxies
PhD Advisor: Gary Mamon, Yohan Dubois Joseph Silk Research Interests: Feedback processes in dwarf galaxies, AGN feedback, cosmic ray feedback. Project Advisors:Ena Choi,Rachel Somerville