This is a list of all the program senior participants, locals and visitors, and their planned attendance dates. This list will be updated as the organization of the program proceeds. 

Local participants

Name Dates Affiliation Office
J. Xavier Prochaska Weeks 1-6 UCSC A&A  
Alexie Leauthaud Weeks 1-6 UCSC A&A  
Brant Robertson Weeks 1-6 UCSC A&A  
Angus Forbes Weeks 1-6 UCSC Computational Media  
Joel Primack Weeks 1-6 UCSC Physics  
Zheng Cai Weeks 1-6 UCSC A&A  
Song Huang Weeks 1-6 UCSC A&A  


Visiting participants

Marc Huertas-Company Weeks 1-6 Asst. Professor, Paris Observatory & U. Paris-Diderot   
Shirley Ho Week 1 Group leader, Simons Foundation CCA  
Michelle Lochner  Weeks 2-6 Resident researcher, African Inst. for Math. Sci.   
Brice Menard Week 1 Assoc. Professor, Johns Hopkins U.   
David Kirkby Week 1 Professor, UC Irvine  
Francois Lanusse Weeks 3-6 Postdoc, UC Berkeley  
Helena Domínguez Sánchez Weeks 1-6 Postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania  
Ivana Damjanov Weeks 1-6 Assistant professor at Saint Mary's University, Halifax  
Daisuke Nagai Weeks 2-6  Associate Professor ,Yale University  
Nesar Ramachandra Weeks 1-6 Postdoc, Argonne National Laboratory  
Yuan-Sen Ting Weeks 1-6 Hubble Fellow; Carnegie-Princeton Fellow, Princeton.  
Nick Ross Weeks 2-4 STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow, University of Edinburgh  
Sultan Hassan Weeks 1-6 Tombaugh Postdoctoral Fellow, New Mexico State University  
Sotiria Fotopoulou Weeks 1-6 Researcher, Durham University