Testimonies from past participants


"Graduate school should be structured like this. I have never learned this much, this fast."

Anonymous exit survey comment, ISIMA 2011.


" The first ISIMA program offered both the junior and the senior scientists a fantastic opportunity to widen horizons beyond ones immediate field of work, meet and interact with fellow researchers and work in an attractive environment at UCSC. This is a rare and valuable initiative and I'm looking forward with great expectations to its continuation in the coming years. "

Pawel Artymowicz, Professor of Astrophysics, U. Toronto. ISIMA 2010 long-term participant.


"An intense, very productive learning experience for all involved."

James Stone, Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics, Princeton. ISIMA 2010 participant.


"The most stimulating and productive summer I have ever spent. I was surrounded by dozens of students and colleagues with like-minded scientific interests and excellent technical skills. Prior to ISIMA, I had a number of ideas I had been wanting to pursue, but was unable to for lack of time and manpower; ISIMA empowered me to take all of these ideas out for test drives. All workshops should be as well organized, as inspirational, and full of good honest work as this one."

Eugene Chiang, Professor of Astrophysics, UC Berkeley. ISIMA 2011 principal lecturer.


ISIMA has really been an amazing experience for me! I cannot put into words how
grateful I am for this opportunity, not only to work on an interesting project, but
also to meet wonderful people who I think will also be my friends. What a great
place to organize it, too! Thank you!"

Eva Ntormousi, Graduate Student, ISIMA 2011.


"This year's vibrant ISIMA program on star and planet formation at the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA), Peking University was a great success. As KIAA's director, I am absolutely delighted to see how ISIMA has stimulated vitality in the rapidly emerging field and greatly enhanced the intellectual environment at our institute. The ideal balance between 1) promising students and experienced mentors, 2) theorists and observers with diverse technical expertise and research styles provided a perfect synergy. The open forum, the interdisciplinary approach, and multinational participants provided the necessary ingredients for global impacts for years to come.

Doug Lin, Professor of Astrophysics and Director of the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University


"Listening to the student talks, I was astounded by the quality and quantity of new
research results that came out of ISIMA. A unique program of great value in
mentoring the next generation of research leaders.

Andrew Cumming, Professor of Astrophysics, McGill. ISIMA 2011 long-term participant.