Student participants


Name: Valentin Skoutnev Afilliation: Princeton Program in Plasma Physics Project Title: DNS of inertial waves passing through corotation resonance
PhD Advisor: Amitava Bhattacharjee Research Interests:
Stratified turbulence, large and small scale dynamos .
Project Advisors: Aurelie Astoul & Adrian Barker
Name: Arthur Le Saux Afilliation: University of Exeter Project Title: An asteroseismic expedition for the missing physics in stellar evolution
PhD Advisor: Isabelle Baraffe and Thomas Guillet Research Interests: Mixing processes in stellar interiors, particularly penetrative convection and internal gravity waves Project Advisors: Earl Bellinger, Sarbani Basu & Warrick Ball
Name: Saniya Khan Afilliation: University of Birmingham Project Title: Direct Numerical Simulations of vertical+horizontal shear instabilities
PhD Advisor: Andrea Miglio Research Interests: Low-mass stars, stellar structure and evolution, convection, asteroseismology Project Advisor: Pascale Garaud
Name: Abbas Raboonik Afilliation: Monash University Project Title: Optimal Averaging for Time-Distance Helioseismology
PhD Advisor: Paul Cally and Alina Donea Research Interests: MHD mode conversion mechanisms in partially ionised stratified plasmas Project Advisors: Aaron Birch, Damien Fournier & Laurent Gizon
Name: Srijan Bharati Das Afilliation: Princeton University Project Title: Constraining the relationship between surface rotation period and radial differential rotation rate in stars using asteroseismology in preparation for PLATO
PhD Advisor: Jeroen Tromp Research Interests: Normal-mode helioseismology Project Advisors: Hannah Schunker & Yoshiki Hatta
Name: Hachem Dhouib Afilliation: CEA Paris-Saclay Project Title: Angular momentum transport by gravito-inertial waves in intermediate mass stars
PhD Advisor: Stéphane Mathis Research Interests:
Theoretical asteroseismology for rotating stars 
Project Advisors: Ankit Barik
Name: Samarth Ganesh Kashyap Afilliation: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Project Title: Looking for stellar magnetic activity from photometric data
PhD Advisor: Shravan Hanasoge Research Interests:
Global helioseismology, Normal-mode coupling, Solar convection
Project Advisors: Savita Mathur & Jerome Ballot
Name: Imogen Grace Cresswell Afilliation: University of Colorado, Boulder Project Title: Mixing in unstable shear flows with strong magnetic fields and high resistivity
PhD Advisor: Ben Brown Research Interests:  Magnetohydrodynamics and magnetoconvection Project Advisors: Adrian Fraser
Name: Christina Pontin Afilliation: University of Leeds Project Title: Magnetic Buoyancy - rise of structures in a background field and the effect of convection
PhD Advisor: Adrian Barker and Rainer Hollerbach Research Interests: Wave propagation in giant planets Project Advisors: Nic Brummell 
Name: Yuto Bekki Afilliation: Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Project Title: Heat transport by entropy rain: possible effects of hydrogen ionization and magnetism
PhD Advisor: Laurent Gizon and Robert Cameron Research Interests: Convection, Dynamo, Numerical simulation Project Advisor: Evan Anders